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April 15 was marked by mournful holiday with religious basis, this is Good Friday when Christ died on cross in name of saving sinners souls. Bright holiday, pure, sincere, filled with pain of redemption, suffering. It is celebrated on Friday preceding Easter. Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans recognize this day. Believers attend church, observe food restrictions and listen to divine services.

The History

Holiday is revered in countries with strong Christian tradition. Christ’s death provoked earthquake, darkness descended on earth. Holiday is called Good Friday as sign soul of Jesus was sinless, kind, bright man who did good deeds, preached important truths to avoid temptations, worldly passions. Jesus sacrificed life in name of redemption. Two days later he was resurrected, humanity had chance for salvation.

How to Celebrate

Observe restrictions, prohibitions; opportunity to honor death of Jesus on Calvary.

  1. Read prayer. God loves everyone.
  2. Visit local church. Do good deed on voluntary basis. Sign up for volunteer organization, help those who need it.
  3. Bake muffins decorated with image of Cross. Treat your friends, parishioners.

On Caribbean islands kites are launched on holiday, symbol of immortal righteous soul.

When is Good Friday celebrated in 2022?

Good Friday is c observed on the Friday before Easter.