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Jumping Frog Day is an annual holiday dedicated to jumping frogs. Sometimes even frogs are specially trained in long jumps.


Holiday’s origin dates back to 1865, when Mark Twain’s short story «The Famous Jumping Frog of Calaveras County» appeared in newspapers. Bottom line was that Jim Smiley taught his frog to jump, to make a bet with a man whose frog did it very high and far. The bet was made. Man tricks Jim and wins.

Another version says that holiday appeared as a result of annual Jumping Frog Festival, held in Valley City since 1962. About 600 people are active participants whose frogs compete. The main event is making the frog jump maximally far. People shout loudly, gesticulate, scare frogs. Spectacle is watched by thousands of people.

Exact version of holiday establishment and why May 13, are unknown. Jumping Frog Day exists. It’s a good day to celebrate frogs’ agility, as some can jump up to 50 times their body length (Australian frog).

Interesting Facts

You might be interested to know.

  • The largest frog is the goliath. Its weight can reach 3 kg. It’s capable of jumping 2.5-3 meters.
  • The smallest frogs are Cuban inhabitants. The adult’s length is 1 centimeter.
  • In water, frogs receive oxygen through skin pores.
  • Frogs live in the South of the United States and Central America, the mucus on the skin of which has hallucinogenic properties.

When is Frog Jumping Day celebrated in 2022?

Frog Jumping Day is observed on May 13 each year.