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People limit in food wanted to lose weight, avoid harm from fatty fried food, give relief on May 11 when Eat What You Want Day is celebrated; there is opportunity to enjoy favorite dishes. Cook delicious grilled meat with a side dish of fried potatoes; agree to dessert in form of appetizing cheesecake, fruit cake. Forget about calories, enjoy feast of delicious food.

The History

First literary work on principles of healthy eating was published in 1558. Author is Italian L. Cornaro of noble origin. In 1860, first diet was developed, attracted people wanted to lose weight. System was created by William Banting. In 1921, diet was invented, allowed dishes with high percentage of fat. Carbohydrates were banned. In those days, strict rules didn’t impress owners of excess kilograms. Century later, diet became popular acquired followers appreciated benefits.

Interesting Facts

If there were no restrictions on calorie content of daily norm, Americans would eat more chips, Italian/Mexican national cuisine, cakes, ice cream, hamburgers, French fries/Idaho, chocolate, donuts, cheese and crackers.

  1. Holiday gives long-awaited freedom, eliminates need adhering to strict limits. Special feeling has no analogues, useful for «rebooting», recovery in sports, after long diets.
  2. Holiday is occasion for spontaneous actions. Americans go to lunch at other restaurants not visited on working days, cook delicious undeservedly forgotten fatty/sweet dishes.
  3. Sandwich rejection day: too prosaic for chic celebration of permissiveness, looking inside refrigerator.

Note, diets can do harm, need to choose only after approval of doctor who will not allow occurrence of diseases of digestive system, nutrients deficiency and hormonal failure. On holiday, give up restrictions, indulge yourself with favorite treats.

When is Eat What You Want Day celebrated in 2022?

Eat What You Want Day is observed on May 11 each year.