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On April 18 Christian believers celebrate Easter Monday, holiday follows celebration of Jesus Christ Resurrection. Religious texts do not contain strict prescriptions regarding observance of celebration tradition, Christian world honors significant dates associated with name of the Savior. Easter Monday is especially popular among Orthodox, Roman Catholics.

The History

Holiday has roots in XV century, marks end of Lent, end of the holy week. After Jesus came out of tomb after execution and death on cross, he stayed in earthly world for 40 days. He preached, carried truth, secret knowledge, healed suffering, helped to get rid of serious ailments. After period, he ascended to heaven. That’s what the Bible says.

How to Celebrate

Christians prefer to celebrate holiday by arranging solemn processions. Eggs painted for Easter remain relevant. Largest one was presented in Italy, weighed 8 tons, created of chocolate.

  1. Games are organized. Rolled Egg that is symbol of stone rolled away from cave’s entrance body of Jesus was placed allowed Christ to come out, reappear among people.
  2. Some Diasporas call holiday Wet Monday, pour water from buckets: symbol of purification, renewal, new life, freed from past hardships.
  3. Give flowers. Lily is holiday sign displays purity, beauty and elegant lines.

Bright joyful holiday is celebrated with family, children. Join peaceful parades, participate in funny egg-rolling contests, go out into yard, splash loved ones with water, dry off in spring sun, feel real warm spring arrivals. It’s time of good changes!

When is Easter Monday celebrated in 2022?

Easter Monday is observed the day after Easter Sunday, and is a great holiday for Chritians around the world.