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Drawing Day is dedicated to the artist. This is an artist inside every person.


Drawing Day founder is a public organization DrawingDay. Holiday was proclaimed in 2008 to remind everyone of the time when we picked up crayons, pencils, felt-tip pens and created masterpieces. Drawing is an effective way to escape from the routine, usual worries, troubles. Picture usually reflects the state of human soul.

Drawing is one of the oldest forms of expressing. The first drawings – small carvings, were found in ancient caves, around 10,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians painted everyday life scenes on the walls of dwellings and temples. Similar drawings were applied by the Greeks to pottery.

After paper became available in Europe, drawing became very popular there. Many talented and famous artists appeared. They used ink, pencils, chalk, charcoal to create clear outlines, shadows, textures. Drawing became a real art.

Interesting Facts

Drawing has a lot of interesting things.

  1. There is difference between drawing and painting, although the same tools are used.
  2. In 1795, quality graphite pencils first appeared.
  3. Tube paint was invented in 1841 by American artist John Goffey Rand. Before, ready-made paints were stored in containers made from animal bladders.
  4. Drawing is part of the Olympic Games.
  5. The Chupa-Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali. Today, a slightly modified drawing is used.

When is Drawing Day celebrated in 2022?

Drawing Day is observed on May 16 each year.