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April 22 is marked by public actions holding related to proposal on permanent basis of Day of Silence dedicated to issues of defending the interests of LGBTQ. Students from high school, university students, social workers, athletes participate. Scale event finds support from representatives of different population segments.

The History

First nonviolent protest action against racial discrimination, infringement of human rights took place in 1996. Event was organized by students as sign of attracting public attention to issue of silencing events related to harassment of people with different sexual orientation, gender identification. People faced physical violence, harassment deprive of opportunity to feel like a full-fledged member of society. In Europe, Day of Silence has been celebrated since 2006.

How to celebrate

Silence is loud message world hears.

  1. Students organize processions, parades, demonstrations inside campus and on cities streets. Solidary in opinions people join.
  2. Read information about LGBTQ, difficulties people face. Inform friends about facts of unfair unequal treatment, they come to spend day keeping silent.
  3. Half LGBTQ communities feel uncomfortable in society. 90% face negativity, aggression, believed they are outcasts. Change this for better, give people necessary important sense of security, confidence.

Tolerance is foundation of progressive American, European society; tool of standoff to increasing in number of crimes committed for purpose of sexual violence. 80% of heterosexual Americans support freedom in choosing partner, they do not protest against homosexual relationships. New positive values are spreading.

When is Day of Silence celebrated in 2022?

Day of Silence is observed on April 22 this year.