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Benefits of seasickness exist; this is confirmed by Dark Stormy Day held on June 9, created in honor of tasty cocktail became product of unusual collaboration. Reveal secrets of famous drink, enjoy tart taste.

The History

At beginning of the XX century, British sailors were stationed in Bermuda. Part of unit suffered from pitching, seasickness. To avoid malaise, military cooked, consumed drink based on ginger beer. Island position «obliged» to add note of authenticity, rum was added. Cocktail was created by efforts of rum producers, subjects of British Crown.

Interesting Facts

Drink is mixed, served in tall glass. Original version implies use of Stormy Ginger Beer/Goslings’ Black Seal Rum.

  1. Recipe: ice is lowered into glass, basic ingredients, lime decoration are added. Done, try it!
  2. If you prefer alternative type of Black Seal Rum, get another drink not related to Dark Stormy.
  3. Cocktail is among top 20 most popular American alcohol-based drinks.

This is national treat in Bermuda region, actively exported.

How to celebrate

Treat on the holiday to drink. Mix it in layers, purchase finished product in branded jar.

Arrange costume party. Dress code: marine-style suits. Dress up as sailor, pirate, brave ship captain, girl waiting for lover in port town. Have fun!

Drinks and… Cupcakes, ice cream with identical components are cooked for festive table. Unforgettable taste, daring atmosphere is guaranteed!

When is Dark & Stormy Day celebrated in 2022?

Dark & Stormy Day is observed on June 9 each year.