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On April 30, holiday of Happy Rabbit who moves, smiles and talks in inimitable manner is celebrated, it’s time to refresh memory, remember classic funny stories on Bugs Bunny Day. Eat carrots; watch your favorite cartoons, ageless classic!

The History

Rabbit appeared in 1938 as hero of short film. Character gained audience love, popularity. People think Bugs Bunny originated from cartoon or TV project, not true. This is hero of movie! In 1940, project «A Wild Hare» was released, Bugs Bunny acquired familiar appearance, unique character traits. Ben Hardaway and Tex Avery are considered official character creators. Cal Dalton and Charles Thorson complemented rabbit’s personality traits, shaped style. Bob Givens and Robert McKimson completed work, revealing final version to world. Popularity came after Second World War. Rabbit became symbol of peace, hope for quiet life. In 1958, short animated film received Oscar, the highest award from American Film Academy.

How to celebrate

Get comfortable in front of TV, turn on entertaining show with Bugs Bunny, enjoy, immerse in nostalgia!

  1. Cook carrot dish with hot sauce, eat raw (without heat treatment) vegetable preserves vitamins useful for vision, digestion.
  2. Bugs Bunny change popular trend on social networks. Take photos, post comments with greetings: What’s up, doc?
  3. Bugs Bunny played huge role in animation development, inspired artists and illustrators to develop in direction of art.

Character with powerful message of optimism, example of hero: enemies failed to catch rabbit, despite constant persecution for 80 years! Stay invulnerable, cheerful. Be like Bugs Bunny!

When is Bugs Bunny Day celebrated in 2022?

Bugs Bunny Day is observed on April 30 each year.