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Beer Pong Day is unofficial holiday. A great event to combine alcohol and actions!


Holiday was first held in 2006 by a family from Arizona. Head of family was Mr. BeerPong, his wife – Mrs. BeerPong. With such a game they celebrated the graduation of the youngest daughter

Beer Pong is old game. It’s believed students enjoying spending time with alcohol and entertainment invented it. It’s worth noting the game has several variations turning it from ordinary drunken fun into worthy entertainment for gentlemen, spending good time. Action is interesting and popular at different parties, friendly, family gatherings.

Interesting Facts

Maybe you’ll be interested to know:

  1. The main game includes the following actions: teams sit on opposite sides of the field (table), place plastic glasses filled with beer. Players take ping pong balls. One player throws the ball into opponents’ glasses. If a player misses, turn goes to opposite team. If player hits the opponent’s glass, he drinks his beer. The team that drinks the most opponents’ beer wins.
  2. If the players agree, it is possible to shoot down the ball with another ball.
  3. In honor of this game, entire championships, festivals are arranged.

When is Beer Pong Day celebrated in 2022?

Beer Pong Day is observed on the first Saturday in May each year.