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April 17 is time you learn about mysterious, unusual flying mammals, Bat Appreciation Day is celebrated. Holiday is interesting not only to fans of comics about heroic defender of Gotham.

The History

In 1982, organization for protection of bats was established. Benefits of living creatures: they pollinate plants (help farmers), destroy pests and create useful fertilizers, beneficial effect on increasing yields. Researchers from profile organization are engaged in study of species, fight for preservation of population in nature and perform educational lessons, providing exciting information about animals, values in ecological system. People cause irreparable harm to environment: he cuts down forests, disrupting natural habitat of biological species, extracts minerals (exhaustible resources), spent unreasonably. Great harm from human activity is in irresponsible attitude to nature during tourist trips, hikes. Number of bats is decreasing. Popularization of holiday dedicated to require.

Fun Facts

Science knows 1400 species of these animals.

  1. They feed on fruits, nectar, rodents and mosquitoes.
  2. Digestive system works fast. They digest whole fruit in 20 minutes.
  3. Bats do not suck blood, lick it from open wound.

The best way to celebrate holiday is to donate to charity and… Watch Batman movie. Bat sign appears in sky: hero stands up for the unjustly offended where injustice reigns.

When Bat Appreciation Day celebrated in 2022?

Bat Appreciation Day is observed on April 17 each year.