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Surrounding nature is amazing, diverse, study helps to understand vital evolutionary mechanisms and satisfy idle curiosity about vital activity of animals, plants growth, on Audubon Day it is time to pay attention to outstanding scientist revealed nature secrets. Holiday takes place on April 26, on beautiful spring day filled with birdsong. Their types were studied by John Audubon.

The History

Holiday coincides with birthday of ornithologist made huge contribution to development of biological science. He was born in Haiti, raised in France. Growing up, John moved to the USA, settled in Kentucky. He loved hobby of painting birds, traveled along the Mississippi River in search of interesting «models». Favorite activity prompted to start studying species. First scientific work was published in the UK, wonderful album became model and «gold» standard. After illustrator’s death student founded National Audubon Society dedicated to protection of birds. This happened in 1905. Network of organization branches covered country.

How to celebrate

Millions of Americans love to watch behavior of birds, exciting process. It’s time to take place in naturalist’s ranks.

  1. Go outside, pay attention to birds found there. Color, plumage, habits — everything adds up to curious picture for person indifferent to nature’s wonders.
  2. Read about birds live in region: features of nutrition, mating games, migration mechanism.
  3. Do you live in private house? Go to backyard, choose suitable place for feeder made of plastic bottles, used coffee cans. Help birds survive. They destroy pests on site; sing charmingly, meeting and seeing off the sun at dawn/sunset.

Try drawing bird. Take piece of paper, pencils. This is not easy task needs to show creativity. It’s way to discover new talent in you!

When Audubon Day celebrated in 2022?

Audubon Day is observed on April 26 each year.