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May 26

Holiday Ascension

Ascension is one of the most significant Christian holidays. Christians believe that on the 40th day after Easter, Jesus Christ ascended into heaven.


The village of Bethany and the Mount of Olives overlook the suburbs of Jerusalem. Jesus Christ led the remaining disciples there, then ascended up into heaven. Later, angels proclaimed Jesus would return to judge the living and the dead.

The fact that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven means He didn’t die, but entered God’s Kingdom. Everyone remembers He is the Son of God. It is customary on this day to rejoice that Jesus is in heaven, reunited with the Father, and will later receive his loyal followers into the Kingdom of Heaven. Services, chants, and readings of the Gospel are held in Christian chapels and churches this day.

Interesting Facts

On Ascension, people follow certain rules:

  1. It is not customary to engage in hard physical labor, clean the house, or engage in gardening or farming.
  2. One should help strangers or anyone in need.
  3. You cannot lend or borrow money.
  4. You cannot swear, get angry, or desire something that belongs to someone else.

How to take part

Go to church this day. Help people in any way you can. Bake pies, arrange family dinners and treat friends, colleagues, and strangers with pies.

When is Ascension celebrated in 2022?

Ascension is observed on a Thursday, 40 days after Easter Sunday.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 26 2022
Thursday May 18 2023
Thursday May 9 2024
Thursday May 29 2025


May 26
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