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Solemn event and celebration of national symbol takes place on June 20 and is proudly called American Eagle Day. Depicted eagle species really exists in nature. Society for Protection of Environment is trying to preserve population, natural habitat.

The History

In middle of the last century, eagle was threatened with extinction. Reason was destruction of forest lands, the use of toxic agricultural fertilizers in fields. Harmful substances entered bird’s body, caused death. Population was rapidly declining. Soon Law on Biological Species on Verge of Extinction was adopted. Number of individual eagles began to increase by 1995; this was significant improvement in overall situation. After 12 years, population was saved, threat of reduction was eliminated.

Interesting Facts

Symbolic bird is bald eagle.

  • Activities of American Eagle Foundation are focused on conservation of bird species, ensuring comfortable living, breeding conditions.
  • Eagle feeds on fish, plant food.
  • The bird settles around reservoirs.

Eagle became symbol of the United States because of its beauty, grandeur, picturesque flight at a considerable altitude.

How to celebrate

Washington State is home to National Arboretum, territory for bald eagles. Visit sightseeing for the holiday to admire beauty in reality. Staying at home, it is available to turn on online broadcast; cameras are installed in bird habitats, record vital activity. Feel like explorer, naturalist. Visit famous zoos in California, become the volunteer at local nursery, take care of bird.

When is American Eagle Day celebrated in 2022?

American Eagle Day is observed on June 20 each year.