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The last Wednesday of the full working April week is the Administrative Professionals Day. In 2022, we celebrate April 27, honoring office employees assumed responsibilities for control, office enterprises management.

The History

In the middle of the last century of influence of large-scale military operations lack of professionals in administration field was felt strongly. First organization to attract specialists was National Secretaries Association founded in 1942. «Predecessor» of holiday was Day of Secretaries celebrated since 1955. In 2000, name changed made it possible to make holiday central figures workers perform administrative functions. Main task of office administrator was designated: coordination of office activities, «paper» work, communication with guests/clients, reporting. On holiday, it is customary to congratulate secretaries, recruitment specialists, assistant managers, assistants, accountants, managers, reception staff and administrative directors.

How to celebrate

This is unofficial holiday, but office has its own traditions allow celebrating cheerfully.

  1. Write and ask your colleagues to make congratulations on bright sticks, leave at administrator’s workplace. He will notice, appreciate sign of attention.
  2. Treat administrator to coffee in morning to recharge strength, cheerfulness for productive work. Buy cup of fragrant drink not in cheap snack bar, but in good coffee shop, where coffee is really delicious. The office used to know a lot about coffee.
  3. Invite office team to business lunch at beautiful restaurant. Administrators get it for free, deserve gifts.

Administrators work in various fields: service provision, hotel business, law, medicine, education. They ensure well-coordinated team work, control over implementation of urgent tasks at stages. Thanks! We enjoy excellent service, quickly copy with difficulties.

When is Administrative Professionals’ Day celebrated in 2022?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is observed on the Wednesday of the last full week of April.