Find a Rainbow Day - April 3
Wed, Apr 3, 2024

Find a Rainbow Day

National Find a Rainbow Day that is celebrated on April 1 is a wonderful time to remember that the rainbow is associated with great joy in the soul and remember your childhood. But children don’t even need to remember anything – a holiday in which there are all its colors is always in their souls. However, it will also be useful for them to learn more about the rainbow.


How this holiday appeared is already just impossible to find out. It is celebrated because people love all kinds of rainbows – probably, it’s the most accurate definition of this day’s meaning. Parents have a reason to teach their children the basics of the physics of light refraction and simply rejoice at a small miracle.

How to celebrate

A classic experiment that can be performed at any time of the year to find a rainbow is quite easy. To conduct such an experiment, you will need: a transparent glass beaker filled with water; the Sun. It is better to perform the experiment in the evening or in the morning – when the sun has not yet had time to rise or fall high. Take a glass, stand with your back to the sun so that the rays illuminate the container. Slowly raise or lower the glass until a rainbow appears. It can be large or small, it is better visible on light surfaces.

Outdoor garden experiment with hose – using this method, it is most convenient to create a rainbow for children in the countryside. To conduct this experiment, wait for a sunny day, and then take the children and go outside. What to do: use a garden hose to create a stable prism of water droplets. Turn your back to the sun, and then turn on the water. Raise or lower the hose, at some point you will see a rainbow. Of course, such experiments are best done in the warm season, because every child will definitely want to touch the rainbow with his hands and splash in the water.

Experiment with water, paper, mirror and plasticine:

  1. Fill a little container with water.
  2. Attach a mirror to the container using plasticine. Half of the mirror must be under water, and the other half above water, otherwise the experiment will fail.
  3. Place the container on a windowsill or other place that is exposed to direct sunlight.
  4. Take a sheet of paper and lift it above the container, trying to catch the rainbow.

The position of the sheet and the mirror can be changed. You can play with a shadow, take mirrors of different sizes, which will allow mom and child to explore different natural processes in a playful way. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see a secondary rainbow, which is light bouncing off the prism multiple times. The secondary rainbow surrounds the first, being paler.

When is Find a Rainbow Day celebrated in 2024?

Find a Rainbow Day is observed on April 3 each year.


Wednesday April 3 2024
Thursday April 3 2025
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