D-Day - June 6
Thu, Jun 6, 2024


Feats of courage and heroic behavior are celebrated on June 6. D-Day is full of memories from living witnesses and aspirations to preserve an important page of history. This somber event memorializes a key historical moment that brought victory in the Second World War closer.

The History

D-Day took place on June 6, 1944. The allied forces of Canada, Great Britain, and the United States carried out amphibious landings on the beaches of Normandy. The strategic goal was the liberation of north-western France. This is the largest combined landing in history, a significant part of the large-scale operation Overlord. In 1993, Bill Clinton approved the creation of the first national memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of World War II.

Interesting Facts

The United States entered World War II in December 1941, after the devastating attack by Japanese aircraft at Pearl Harbor.

  1. D-Day was scheduled for June 5, but due to the weather, it was postponed by order of General Eisenhower.
  2. England was chosen as the site for the D-Day preparations. Provisions and ammunition were stockpiled.
  3. The theater of operations covered 50 miles of coast and 5 beaches.
  4. The 75th anniversary of the operation in Normandy was celebrated in 2019. 300 thousand veterans attended the event.
  5. This heroic holiday is called D-Day: the military operation was designated ‘D’, meaning ‘day of departure’, the beginning of the attack.

The United States suffered 2,501 deaths on D-Day.

How to Take Part

Express gratitude to veterans who participated in the military operation. They fought for their homeland; they deserve respect, attention, care, and a better position in society. These brave soldiers were ready to give their lives for the well-being of American society.

Visit the World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana to see the various artifacts.

Watch films about the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the major battles. The heroes’ names should be kept alive in the nation’s memory.

The United States and the other allies made a significant contribution to the victory on the Western Front. Brave soldiers of the USSR had been fighting since 1941, defeating the Hitler coalition on the Eastern Front. It is important to know the actual history, not to repeat those mistakes in the future, to prevent the flourishing of Nazism and fascism.

When is D-Day celebrated in 2024?

D-Day is observed on June 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 6 2024
Friday June 6 2025
Saturday June 6 2026
Sunday June 6 2027
Tuesday June 6 2028
Wednesday June 6 2029