Cook Something Bold Day - November 8
Wed, Nov 8, 2023

Cook Something Bold Day

Cook Something Bold Day is a holiday that encourages us to break away from the culinary monotony and experiment in the kitchen. It is dedicated to creating dishes that are full of spices, herbs and other bold flavors. This holiday does not necessarily mean that you have to cook something fatty or spicy, but simply that you make something that is bold and unique.


The exact origin of this holiday is unknown, but its mission is to recognize the popularity of spicy dishes. It helps us to take a break from the fast-paced modern lifestyle and enjoy cooking something new.

Interesting facts

  • Cooking at home is the best way to ensure maximum health benefits, as it allows you to control the cleanliness, quality and nutritional value of your meal.
  • Using spices such as ground pepper and garlic will not only make your dish tastier, but also improve your health and promote longevity.
  • Strong aromas such as garlic, mustard and eggs are often classified as spicy tastes.
  • Our tongues are equipped with taste buds that can detect up to 4,000 different tastes. These taste buds are updated weekly.

How to take part

On this day, you can be as bold as you wish. Add different types of ground pepper, garlic and herbs to your dish and adjust the level of spice to your own preference. As well as cooking, you can also take part by researching different kinds of ingredients, attending a culinary masterclass or subscribing to a chef’s YouTube channel.

When is Cook Something Bold Day celebrated in 2023?

Cook Something Bold Day is observed on November 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 8 2023
Friday November 8 2024
Saturday November 8 2025
Sunday November 8 2026

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