Argyle Day - January 8
Mon, Jan 8, 2024

Argyle Day

National Argyle Day is celebrated on January 8th and fuels the love for the pattern that has taken over the world! In recent years, it has been used in various clothes, you could not help but encounter it. Perhaps you have something similar in your wardrobe?


So, argyle is a pattern of rhombuses or squares, which transforms into parallel or transverse stripes of different shades. Usually the brightest colors! The term came from amazing Scotland, namely the Campbell clan from the west of the state. At the beginning of the 20th century, the pattern gained incredible popularity: probably, the Duke of Windsor, who played golf in a similar form, contributed to this. Players began to repeat this image.

After the First World War, argyle did not stand aside, then it was a little forgotten. The tradition was revived with renewed vigor in 2019 – the most successful podiums in the world showed collections of clothes with patterns to the public. Originally associated with golf, the design now refers to everyday wear and even football uniforms – the American club “Sporting Kansas City” was crazy about this style.

National Day has been celebrated since 2008. The name of the founder is still unknown, but we know that he wanted to convey his love for the pattern to us. Head to the store or wear your favorite clothes in this design!

Interesting facts


  • the Pringle of Scotland brand was not the last in the spread of the pattern, it still functions today, has many fans;
  • Prada, Out of stock love Scottish motifs;
  • accessories are also available with a pattern.

How to celebrate

On National Argyle Day, colorful people walk the streets in their favorite patterns! Support the holiday and dress the same. Present a T-shirt to a loved one, he will definitely be happy. Share the date on social media.

When is Argyle Day celebrated in 2024?

Argyle Day is observed on January 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 8 2024
Wednesday January 8 2025
Thursday January 8 2026
Friday January 8 2027

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